When in La Union: Thunderbird Resort Poro Point (Day 2)

We woke up early on the second day of our stay at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point. After a quick getup, we immediately went down for the inclusive breakfast at The Olives Restaurant. It is a buffet style with an average number of meals to choose from.

After eating, we walked around the hotel and discovered more places perfect for picture-taking. The architecture is really unique to me. This is why I really enjoyed taking photos of them. Actually after posting my photos on Facebook, a lot of my friends commented that the place is very beautiful. Some even say that it’s as if I am not in the Philippines.

By the way, this resort also has a golf course. But since I am not a golf person, I didn’t bother to know their golf facilities. Anyway information is available at the official website.

The weather was just right to get tanned under the sun! My cousin and I went down for a swim. The swimming pool is located at the back of the hotel. You have to go down using cemented stairs. Actually it’s a little steep and the stairs have a number of steps! One of the staff told us that it was really intended not to put any elevator in the entire resort to keep it all natural. Anyway it’s good for the health! We went up and down a number of times. For sure we shed off even a gram of fat. Exercise!

From pictures I Google-d before going to Thunderbird, I thought the swimming pool was a must-see. However, upon getting there, I realized that it’s just an average size 5-foot pool. Nothing attractive except for the pool bar with seats in water (which I thought is convenient if you want to drink with friends during night swimming). Towels are available and you can bring them back to the hotel.

During our stay, there was an on-going construction for expansion. It was a little unpleasant because of the noise and the unattractive view (especially when you’re in the pool area). I had to crop some photos to hide the construction. However, I’m guessing that they’re putting up an event area since there’s no such place for weddings, birthdays, and meetings yet. This is why I am considerate enough because I know it’s for the improvement of the resort.

Overall, I rate Thunderbird Resort Poro Point with five stars! I will be back here for sure but perhaps after the construction to see catch the new attractions.

Accommodation     «««««
Food                      «««
Ambiance               ««««
Activities                ««««
Staff Services         «««

Overall Value of Money     «««««

When in La Union: Thunderbird Resort Poro Point (Day 2) When in La Union: Thunderbird Resort Poro Point (Day 2) Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 6.3.13 Rating: 5
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