Who's Shelly?

Shelly Viajera Travel belongs to Shelly Dimaculangan, a female traveler from the Philippines. She's a linguist by profession, a writer by passion, and a traveler at heart. She's the solo backpacking type who's passionate to discover every country's architecture, history, and culture. 

What's behind the blog name?
While a lot of people think that Viajera is her last name, she only uses this alias for her combined love for travel and languages. Viajera is a Spanish word for a female traveler. She speaks Spanish (and 4 other languages) and her dream destination is Spain (which she had finally visited last September 2018!). 

Where has she been?
Shelly has been to the following countries in the following order:
1. Philippines
2. China - October 2005
3. Hong Kong - October 2005, March 2018
4. Singapore - April 2008, November 2013, February 2018
5. Macau - October 2009, September 2014
6. Malaysia - November 2013, March 2016, November 2016, June 2018
7. Thailand - November 2013, December 2015
8. Cambodia - June 2014
9. Vietnam - March 2015
10. Brunei - June 2015
11. Indonesia - November 2015
12. Myanmar - March 2016
13. Taiwan - July 2016
14. Japan - October 2016
15. Laos - November 2016
16. South Korea - March 2017
17. India - August 2017
18. Saudi Arabia - November 2017
19. Morocco - November 2017
20. Russia - March 2018
21. Armenia - March 2018
22. Georgia - March 2018
23. Sri Lanka - June 2018
24. United Arab Emirates - September 2018, May 2019
25. France - September 2018
26. Germany - September 2018
27. Spain - September 2018, May 2019
28. Nepal - November 2018
29. Hungary - May 2019
30. Slovakia - May 2019
31. Austria - May 2019
32. Czech Republic - May 2019

She has also been to 31 out of 81 provinces in the Philippines. She hails from the province of Batangas. 

Why travel blogging and vlogging?
Shelly loves writing and video editing. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in Journalism at University of Santo Tomas in Manila and graduated cum laude. In 2006, she was chosen by Philippine Daily Inquirer, a leading broadsheet in the Philippines, to be the only scholar chosen from her university and worked as their intern for Sports and Metro sections. She also worked for business newspaper Businessworld as a Special Features Writer. 

In 2011, she left print media and shifted career to become a Spanish language translator for Accenture Inc. Through these years, she was given the chance to learn Portuguese and German to add to her language expertise. 

Where her works be seen at?
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