When in Malaysia: Tugu Negara (National Monument)

When our cruise ship docked in Port Klang, we traveled by land to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. Tugu Negara, also known as the National Monument, is one of the historic places that you can visit when in town.

It salutes the heroes of World War II when the Japanese occupied Malaysia from 1948-1960. This huge bronze statue depicts the act of Malay heroism and patriotism.
Aside from the bronze statue, the Kuala Lumpur cenotaph is also present at the National Monument. This structure also commemorates Malaysian heroes during World I and II. It used to be located at Kuala Lumpur Railway Station but was later on moved to the area of the National Monument in 1966.
The Malay inscription "Untok mengingati jasa pahlawan-pahlawan yang gugor" means "to remember the service of warriors who have fallen."
The fountain gives a relaxing and picturesque view of the monument.

Going to the National Monument is free.

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