From Fat to Fab: Make it Simple and Quick While at Work

While we spend long hours at work, we tend to lose some time for health. Staying healthy in the office makes us more productive and efficient. How can you constantly work if you are always sick? A healthy mind goes hand in hand with a healthy body. This is why we must always give time for health despite a busy work schedule.

If you do not have adequate time to hit the gym regularly, simple exercises and meal plans count. Here are some ways to keep it healthy in the office:

Choose the Stairs
Climbing the stairs is a simple yet effective cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens the lower body and increases the heartbeat for smooth blood circulation. Also, if done regularly, the stairs may reduce weight and build muscles.
According to scientists from University of Roehampton, taking five flights of stairs with an ascend of 15 meters five times a week can burn as much as 302 calories. So instead of waiting for the elevator, go for a quick climb and start loving the stairs.

Stay Hydrated
Our body consists of 50-75% water. This is why humans need to drink water all the time. Water maintains the balance of body fluids. It also aids in controlling calories. Did you know that the more you drink water, the more you get full and the lesser you crave? And if somehow you are sick of plain water, you may put slices of lemon or cucumber for added taste.

Warm over Cold
Drinking warm water balances our body temperature as we work in a cold air-conditioned environment inside the office. Studies show that drinking hot water may relieve stress from too much work. For women, it eases the pain during menstrual period. Also, a glass of warm water 15-30 minutes before a meal is good for losing weight. It helps the body in digesting the food. You may start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon that lessens food craving and bloating.

Five-Minute Rule
A quick break from sitting position may sound basic but it helps. Simple movements like standing or walking are ways to stretch the body from long hours of sitting. Five minutes won’t take too much from your busy schedule right? After eating lunch, avoid sitting right away. Instead, wash your food containers or take a slow and short walk downstairs. This not only stretches the body but also helps in digestion.

There is no harm in trying. Even though you are not an athlete or a sports buff, try joining health and wellness activities. What counts is an active lifestyle. For one, participating in the stretch break is a good breather for the spine, hands and fingers. So the next time somebody shouts for a stretch break, stand and do it.

Also, participating in the sports fest is a great choice. Aside from promoting team work and camaraderie, it is a fun and inexpensive form of workout. Sports stimulates a positive attitude in you. And even if the sports fest is over, there are other forms of sports that are commonly offered in the office such as fun runs, dance classes and gym exercises.  Make sure to be part of these activities because they truly count.

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