When in Taiwan: Wenshan District, Taipei

As I hit my last day in Taiwan, I realized that the adventure wasn't over yet. The rich mountain side in the southernmost part of Taipei, then again, blew me away for such diversity. Taipei is truly a natural sanctuary wrapped in a city.
Maokong in Wenshan District is a popular place among tourists and locals for being nature-friendly. A good way to reach Maokong is by riding a cable car, more popularly known as the Maokong Gondola. It consist of 4 stations that brings passengers up to the mountain side of the district.

Just like other attractions in Taipei, the Maokong Gondola can be reached via Taipei Metro. From Taipei Zoo station, the Maokong Gondola is just 350 meters away.

The two-way Maokong Gondola ride going to the last station (Maokong Station) was originally at NT$ 120 but since I went on a weekday, I only got it at NT$110. I recommend going here right at opening time (at 9AM) to avoid long lines.
The 30-minute ride was so relaxing! The gondola ride gave me a stunning view of the mountains. The lush green seemed endless.

At some point during the ride, I also saw Taipei’s skyscrapers including Taipei 101.

As I went down at Maokong Station, I started walking and caught an open-air restaurant. I took my late breakfast in the area.

A unique dessert consisting of coconut ice cream, shaved peanut brittle, and mint caught my attention. The taste was so refreshing and delicious! I ate it while trekking.
Maokong is good for trekking and there are different trails available. Since I only got a limited time (my flight was in the afternoon), I took the shortest trail that I finished in an hour.
There were breathtaking views along the way. Maokong is known for the vast tea plantations. 

Tea houses are everywhere. Most of them have an outdoor seat, which is a perfect setup for tea drinking. Also, there are a lot of tea shops that sell different kinds of for take-home and souvenir. As for me, I brought home a box of Maokong tea.

How to get there: If coming from Taipei Main Station of the Bannan line (blue line), alight at  Zhongxiao Fuxing station then transfer to the Wenhu line (brown line). Then, alight at the last station, which is Taipei Zoo station. From there, go down and walk 350 meters towards the Maokong Gondola.

When in Taiwan: Wenshan District, Taipei When in Taiwan: Wenshan District, Taipei Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 19.8.16 Rating: 5
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