When in South Korea: Ewha Womans University

Seoul has a number of university streets and districts that definitely bring such youthful vibe. One of them is Seodaemun district where Ewha Womans University is located at. 
No, I did not really intend to do something academic. Rather, I was there to marvel at the university's unique architecture! 
For one, this campus complex is such a standout that was designed by French architect Dominique Perrault. Although it is a private university, they open a few areas, including this one, to the public. 
I have never seen such massive structure that is both artistic and functional.

Inside the glass doors are functional spaces including classrooms, halls, and other rooms that are typically found in every university.
This school sits on top of a hill. It shows you a relaxing view of the city once you climb the uphill.
As you walk around the hill, the rest of the buildings can be found there. They are mostly grouped by fields of study.

The buildings are made up of stone bricks--something that brings a lot of English atmosphere to me. It was a relaxing stroll. I love the fact that the campus is surrounded by trees with cobblestone paths and benches scattered around. 
I went there during the end of winter and so the trees were all bald. But I can just imagine them with colorful leaves in spring or autumn.

If I were a student of Ewha Womans University, there won't be any excuse to skip school for such beautiful campus!

How to go there: Go down at Ewha Womans University subway station (line 2, green line). Take exit 2 and then turn left. Walk along Ewhayeodae-gil street to reach the entrance gate of Ewha Womans Univesity in 10 minutes. 

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