When in Palawan: Why It's Coron Over El Nido

It's hard to weigh which is better between Coron and El Nido in terms of beauty. Both are naturally beautiful and rich in marine life. They've both set the bar high, which makes Palawan a top destination in the Philippines for past few years. 
But what's good about Coron is that it's less touristy than El Nido, making it a more relaxed site in Palawan. It's composed of several small islands and beaches, so tourists are scattered and they don't tend to congest one place all at the same time. 
To move around Coron, a motored boat is needed. Joining an island hopping tour, which is a group and package tour, is the most common way to explore Coron. If you're solo traveling, this is probably the best option because it's cheaper, safer, and fun because you go with a group. You can simply book one day before your intended travel date at any travel desk there, which most probably is offered in your hostel too. For a tailor-made tour, you can book a private boat for a day, but of course this tends to be more expensive. 

To give you an idea of the must-see relaxed beaches and islands in Coron, here are some recommendations:

1. Banol Beach

As most of the beaches in Coron are white sand, Banol Beach is distinguished by the amazing rocks in big chunks, which are naturally scattered on the seashore. They're so big you can pass through them and go underneath. Similar to most areas in Coron, this beach is also surrounded by tall and dark-colored limestone cliffs. 
This area is perfect for snorkeling and kayak for its calm surrounding water. Also, it's a good place for lunch as there are several huts present in the island. It's usually the lunch area of the island hoppers 

2.       Malcapuya Island

Around 1.5 hours away from Coron town, Malcapuya Island is a hidden gem. The beach is a stretch of fine sand that I noticed is finer and whiter than the rest of the beaches in Coron. 
Its fineness goes at par with the sands of Panglao in Bohol or Boracay Beach in Aklan.
The color of the water is so vibrant! Now you know where Gatorade comes from =p
Tip: If you aren't on a group tour and you have the time in your hands, I suggest you stay longer at Malcapuya Island. This island makes the long boat trip worth it. I find this island the most relaxed I've been to in Coron. 

3.       Banana Island

Banana Island got the name not for its abundance in banana tree (there were none!) but rather, for its shape. Though not visible, the island is said to be like a banana leaf from an aerial view.
It's best to go snorkeling in this island especially the newbies. Why? Because even if you don't go too far and deep, the coral reefs are very visible. You can even touch some of them. It's also home of many clown fishes. This is probably Nemo's humble beginning before he went to Pixar! =p

Mind the sea urchins though. It's advisable to wear aqua shoes. If you don't have any, make sure to rent a pair of aqua shoes before leaving Coron town since there's no shoe rental in the island. A pair costs around PHP 150 for a full-day use.

4. Bulog Dos Island

To maximize and appreciate the beauty of this island, make sure to catch the sand bar. This island is known for its long sand bar that usually shows up when it's low tide either in the morning or before sunset. 

The rocks rest on one side of the island, bringing a variation in the perfect picture. 
Not all parts of this island are open to public, which includes a restricted beach front meant for guests of 5-star hotel Two Seasons Resort. Nevertheless, whatever is open to the public is enough to make it a beach worth visiting.

5. Black island

Black Island may be quite a distance from Coron town as it may take 3 lingering hours of boat ride to get there, but it's definitely a priced island. Aside from a beautiful beach, this island houses a cave that they call the Black Island Cave. 

When in Calauit, the Black Island is truly one of the most visited beaches. Some people make this a side trip especially when visiting the Calauit Safari

Have you been to Coron? Which island / beach is your favorite?

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