How I crossed Germany coming from France

Traveling Europe is said to be a backpacker's dream with the proximity of one country to the other and the convenient transport system. For one, while I was in eastern France, I realized I could cross one of its neighboring countries, Germany, in just 30 minutes!

I find it amazing that 2 towns, Strasbourg in France and Kehl in Germany, are solely separated the Rhine River. What connects them is this Europabrücke or more popularly known as the Europe Bridge that stands proof of good connection and relationship of France and Germany.

On that day, I went to Kehl, a tiny village located southwestern Germany. It's one of the nearest German towns that can be visited coming from Strasbourg.

Actually, my visit to Kehl was kind of unplanned. On last minute while spending time in Strasbourg, I bought a transportation card called "24H-solo" priced at EUR 4.50. It's a card by the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS), a public transport system where you can use the same card in all buses, trains, and trams within Strasbourg and also extends to Germany. So from Strasbourg downtown, I simply took a tram then hailed at Kehl Bahnof, which is one of the 2 German tram stations by CTS.
I only had a full day to spend in Kehl, but I’d say it’s enough to check out this small village. I would’ve loved to see Berlin, the German capital, though it was 6 hours away by train and so I decided to save Berlin for another trip.

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The beer was sehr gut

One of the first things that come into my mind of Germany is the beer!!! (*inserts Oktoberfest as mandatory here*) So while on German land, of course I didn’t miss the chance of trying their local beer!
It seems that Kehl, just like any other German town, has this trademark drinking culture. While back in the Philippines beer is more likely for night-outs and parties only, it's so normal to see people drinking beer at any time of the day especially at outdoor cafes. While walking around Kehl, I also noticed that beer servings could get as huge as a pint per person, and the price is surprisingly not different from a smaller serving. So if you're a heavy drinker, then Kehl or Germany as a whole is the perfect place for you!

German signs

A quick back story: Years ago, I took German language lessons at the company I work for. Personally, I find German as one of the hardest languages to learn ever that took me sleepless nights of studying. Nevertheless, I felt glad to be given the chance to learn it.

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As I read the street signs and store names while in Kehl, I was surprised to recall some! At one point, I got a bit lost and couldn’t use any mobile app for maps (because the French sim card I bought wasn't compatible in Germany!), and so it was the golden moment to use my rusty German phrases. I asked the villagers to figure out the way to the tram station. Thankfully, and a bit funnily, I eventually found my way back!

Quiet village

For its size, I assume there’s only a small population in Kehl. It’s a quiet village where I only found most people in squares and parks. Moreover, the car population is also low that adds to the tranquil environment. Similar to Strasbourg, majority of the people in Kehl only use bicycles as mode of transportation.
This is the Friedenskirche or Church of Peace, an Evangelical Church in Kehl located at the Kehl Town Square on Rheinstraße. It's open to everyone from 9AM to 7PM.
Not far from the Town Square is this Rose Garden. It’s a park surrounded by lush green, flowers, and a small pond where most people come by to relax.

Here's to more impulsive trips!

How spontaneous are you as a traveler? Did you experience going to a place unplanned and enjoyed it?

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  2. Spontaneous trips are the absolute best. You've got me packing my bags already and ready to hop on to my next adventure. Thank you for writing such an inspiring travel blog post about your time spent in Germany.


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