When in Cambodia: A Place to Stay at in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia is visited by tourists all year round. This is why accommodation may be the last thing to think about. With countless hotels and guest houses around, which are all relatively cheap, you'll never run out of room. So I'd say the battle is on the service. Here's one that I can suggest.
When I went to Cambodia with with 3 friends in June 2014, we stayed at Bou Savy Guest House for 2 days and 3 nights after availing an affordable package with accommodation, tour, breakfast set for 3 days, and airport pickup. My friends got a 3-person bedroom package while I got a single person bedroom package. Both rates didn't exceed USD 30 / day. 
This guest house feels like home. It's a family-owned business where the staff are also stay-ins. Every room looks like a mid-range bedroom in the Philippines. 
While there's no elevator, a few steps upstairs can bring you to the terrace with a nice homey view, thus an upper room is advised. However, to those who might have a problem taking the stairs, there are also rooms at the ground floor. 

I stayed in a spacious room at the 3rd floor with a queen bed, bathroom, TV with cable, small fridge, and air-conditioning unit. Though the wooden doors are a bit old, the room and bathroom were clean.
While rice is for the Filipinos, the baguette is for the Cambodians. Influenced by the French, this type of bread is a staple in every Cambodian meal. In the guest house, they also served dishes with baguette all the time. 
This orange-lemon tea is the bomb! The tea is prepared hot, and then you have to put some ice and a squeeze of lime to get that refreshing taste. 
This guest house also arranges land transfers. When we transferred from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, we bought Mekong Express Limousine Bus tickets from them. A shuttle conveniently picked us up from the guest house going to Siem Reap bus terminal. Also, we got the airport transfer from them for less than USD 10.

Tip: If you are less than 4 people and don't have much luggage, get a tuktuk instead for USD 5. 
Overall, I had the best experience during my stay. I highly recommend this guest house to everyone. The rooms are cheap but you'll get services beyond what you paid for.

261 Group 17 Khum Svay Dangkum Siem Reap, Cambodia
Office Tel: (855) 63 964 967
Email: savy7777@hotmail.com

When in Cambodia: A Place to Stay at in Siem Reap When in Cambodia: A Place to Stay at in Siem Reap Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 22.7.15 Rating: 5
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