When in Macau: Relax in Coloane

Macau has been tagged as Las Vegas of Asia. With the growing number of casinos and hotels, it’s a haven for any gambler or party goer.  But what if you want to escape for a while from the busy city? Can you have a laid back time here?
I’ve been to Macau twice. The first time I went here in 2009, we went from one hotel to another for five days. And since it’s a very small place, we pretty much covered all the notable tourist attraction for night life. The second time I visited in 2014, I decided to look for something else.
We drove to this village called Coloane in the morning. Macau is divided into four main areas (arranged from north to south): Macau, Taipa, Cotai and Coloane. Unlike the three others mentioned, Coloane is very peaceful.

For one, the Hac Sa Beach is here. It is the largest natural beach in Macau. It’s open to public. From Taipa, it may take around 20 minutes to get here by car. Buses also have a stop here. You may either take bus 15, 21A, 25, 26A, or 50. For more information about Macau public bus, click here.
People are allowed to camp at the seashore. Swimming is allowed, but we didn’t swim when we went there because the waves were huge.  
There is also a picnic area. It’s surrounded by many trees and it faces the beach. There are tables, chairs, grilling stations and faucet. There’s no entrance fee. People usually go on picnic here on weekends.
I also noticed that there are a lot of “stray” dogs here. But my friend who lives in Macau told me that they aren’t really stray. These dogs belong to residents living close to the beach who just let their pets hang around. They were so relaxing to look at. 
If you’re in Macau, you must never miss eating egg tarts. Lord Stow’s is one of the most popular bakeries selling authentic egg tarts. 

The first ever store is actually in Coloane at 1 Rua do Tassara. It opened in 1989. It's a small shop serving delicious products for a reasonable price. It's best to drop by in the morning where pastries are freshly baked. Note that egg tarts are best eaten while they are hot. There's also another outlet at Largo do Matadouro. It's called Lord Stow's Cafe. 

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