Homemade Juices: Rainbow Juice

You can always add a sprinkle of imagination to your healthy juices. After all, imagination is calorie-free and it is rather healthy. As you pick your ingredients, why don't you keep a good mix of colors too?
At times, it's not just about throwing everything in the blender. It's also good to prepare the ingredients nicely. Honestly, when I was chopping these ingredients, I couldn't help but smile as I slowly create a rainbow. Plating the ingredients in this way makes juicing more inviting to the eyes.
It also looks colorful inside the blender.

Red - Strawberry
Orange - Carrot
Yellow - Banana
Green - Cucumber
Violet - Grape

Just put all the ingredients in the blender then add one (1) cup of water or ice if you want it cold. Blend them until it becomes liquid.

As for the taste, the strawberry was dominant. It was a toss between sourness and sweetness. This juice is very refreshing. If you want, you may put one (1) tbsp honey as sweetener. Just avoid putting sugar or any other artificial sweetener.

Happy juicing!

Homemade Juices: Rainbow Juice Homemade Juices: Rainbow Juice Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 1.9.15 Rating: 5
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