When in Camarines Norte: Bagasbas Beach

It's Day 2 of my Camarines Norte getaway. The next stop was in Bagasbas Beach, famous for its huge waves and long seashore. This place belongs to any die-hard surfer. As for me though, since I suck in swimming, I didn’t dare to surf. Nevertheless, we made our way to still enjoy Bagasbas Beach. After dropping off our bags, we went to play with the waves. I felt how powerful the waves were as they strongly washed me to the shore. We also tried jumping through the waves. We were like kids who had their first beach experience.

Unlike in Calaguas Island, taking a bath was more convenient in Bagasbas. A rinsing area is available at the entrance that costs P10 per person.

To top off this memorable trip, we went to buy souvenirs/pasalubong before heading home. Camarines Norte is popular for their delicious pili products. But aside from that, I tried a bag of pure cacao. Abaca items are also sold there such as hats, bags, and purses. Meanwhile, my friend tried fried siopao from the town bakery. It tastes like siopao also but the texture is quite unique because we all know that it is usually served steamed.

As soon as the van made its way back to Manila, I didn’t bother to do anything but sleep. Since I didn’t get any sleep in Calaguas, it was as if I had to sleep double time. We had a stopover in Quezon to eat dinner. That night was gloomy because it started to rain. Thank God we didn’t catch the typhoon which landed that night in Bicol region. This is why I advise that you observe the weather first before planning your trip to Camarines Norte.

The trip back to Manila was pretty tiring but definitely, I brought along good memories and new impressions about Camarines Norte. Now, I can most likely say that it is one of my favorite summer spots in the Philippines after witnessing the beauty of Calaguas Island and Bagasbas Beach.

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When in Camarines Norte: Bagasbas Beach When in Camarines Norte: Bagasbas Beach Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 15.3.13 Rating: 5
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