When in Myanmar: Botataung Pagoda

While most travelers are quick to marvel at the massive Shwedagon Pagoda, other pagodas in Yangon, Myanmar also deserve a look. 

The Botataung Pagoda, standing at 40 meters tall, may not be as grand as Shwedagon but it is also an important place for the Burmese as it is said to contain the hair relic of Buddha.
Going inside and looking at this pagoda spells yayamanin (that is looks expensive). The walls and ceilings are in vibrant shade of gold. The interior is an interesting maze-like structure with several mirrors that create an illusion of space. Bank notes, which are offerings as part of Buddhist practice, are on all corners covered in glass.

Aside from the main pagoda, there are other buildings in the compound. Mostly are open-door halls where Buddhists spend time praying. They're open to public, even to non-Buddhists.
This prayer hall even has a sophisticated bridge standing on stilts.
Some locals spend longer time at Botataung Pagoda. They usually bring food inside, eat there, and sit on the floor.

The pagoda sits beside the Yangon river. As noticed, the area is flocked by doves that are usually set free by people in practice of Buddhism. For them, the act of releasing a captivated animal is a good deed that symbolizes compassion.
In Yangon, it is very common to see either caged birds for sale and the ones roaming around that were released already. The doves go as flock, and since people feed them, these birds are always nearby.

Botataung Pagoda is located at Strand Road in Yangon. It is very accessible by taxi, especially that Strand Road is a main road. It has an entrance fee of 4,000 kyats (USD 3). Removing footwear is required. Shoes are left at the entrance.

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