When in Singapore: Geylang in the Morning

Geylang is considered a red light district in Singapore and is most likely alive at night. From neon lights to flashy signs, from loud music to the noisy crowd, it pretty much tells a very busy night life. Seeing this place in the morning, however, spells a lot of difference. 

It felt like a ghost town when I went one morning in Geylang. It seemed everyone was still asleep, with doors closed and window shut. Despite this, the bright-colored houses around remained alive.

Most houses in Geylang have kept its traditional style. They've been there since the British era in Singapore. The buildings are called shop houses. A shop house is a common Southeast Asian structure the primarily composes of a ground floor that serves as a shop and upper floors where the owner lives at or a space for rent.

When in Singapore: Geylang in the Morning When in Singapore: Geylang in the Morning Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 1.9.15 Rating: 5
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