When in Indonesia: Uluwatu Temple

Sunsets in Bali are breathtaking. When the colors of the sky and sun combine, it seems like a painting that jumped out of the canvass. It is very common to head to the beach to catch a beautiful sunset in Bali. But for a more incredible sunset experience, head to Uluwatu Temple. Here's why.
Uluwatu Temple is a small temple on top of a cliff that faces the beautiful Indian Ocean. It is located in Pecatu Village Kuta, an hour drive from Seminyak where we stayed in Bali. It is one of the nine directional temples that are said to protect people from evil spirits, marking its significance in Balinese beliefs.

Since temples are sacred places, proper dress code is always observed. At Uluwatu Temple, for example, wearing sarong is required for both men and women. Sarongs and robes may be borrowed at the entrance of the temple. There is no charge for it but a temple entrance free at 20,000 IDR (70 PHP) is necessary.
After climbing the temple, it is best to see the Kecak and Fire Dance right before sunset. This is a traditional Balinese performance that is basically composed of chanting men and actors in colorful costumes who narrate excerpts from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Ramayana is a long epic. It tells the story of a man named Rama in search of his beloved Sita who was kidnapped by King Rahwana. Although the show does not narrate the complete story of Ramayana, it presents four acts that run for around an hour.
It is a unique show. For one, it does not have any dialog. The story gets unfolded by the convincing movements and shouts of the characters alone. The all-male choir sings everything without any orchestra. Just imagine how hard it is to continuously chant throughout the show! Even though I don't know what the chant means, it is very catchy (It took me a while to get over with the cak cak cakacakcak chant, LOL)
The show usually starts at 6:00PM, just in time for sunset. It costs 150,000 IDR (500 PHP), which I personally think is worth the price. It is best to go to the amphitheater 30 minutes earlier to get good seats. (*Tip: Find a seat where you can best see the sun. Also, the show involves fire and smoke, so be mindful if you want to sit in front.)
The sunset plays a good part in the show. Holding the show outdoors and at sunset is an awesome idea to provide a creative and spectacular show.

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