When in Palawan: Non-aquatic Things to do in Coron

Coron is well-known for its pristine waters and rich marine life, thus aquatic activities seem endless in the island. However, Coron isn't just for the beach and water sports lover. Quite unknown to some, Coron also offers activities without really requiring to be in water, and here's to name a few:

Climb the Mount Tapyas

Mount Tapyas, located at Coron Town, is a hill that stands 200 meters above sea level. It consists of 721 steps guided by steel hand rails and concrete steps.

It may require a little leg work to reach the top, but it's a manageable and easy climb. Even if you aren't a pro in climbing, you can conquer Mount Tapyas. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes (running shoes or Velcro sandals are the best!), bring bottled water, and a big breath to catch especially once you reach the peak! You'll be amazed at the panoramic view of Coron from there!
My cousin and I were glad to finish the climb in 20 minutes. It was sort of a "race" between us, which was so fun and both of us were excited to see what was on top. 
There are 2 things to expect at the top: First, the white cross that's visible across Coron town for its size. For the locals, this cross is a symbol of faith and hope, especially during natural disasters. When typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the islands in 2013, it damaged several parts of the islands, and some locals looked up at the cross to keep their faith and move on from the disaster. 
Second, the panoramic views of Coron Island and Calamian Island are just breathtaking at Mount Tapyas. It's perhaps one of the highest points to get a 360-degree view of the town.

How to get there:
The Coron town / center serves as base to get to Mount Tapyas. Just take the National Road or Real Street to get to the base of the hill in 10-15 minutes. Tricycle is the most common mode of transportation, which are readily available almost all time of the day from any point in Coron town.

Visit Calauit Safari

The Calauit Safari tour may not be as popular as other island hopping tours, but I find it very unique. 

For one, the Calauit Safari isn't your typical zoo. The animals run wild and free, thus it gets away from any form of animal cruelty. It's safe, even with kids, as tour guides and operators manage the safari well. All visitors are given ample precautions, instructions and other information. 
We got toured by riding this small jeep and we went from one station to another.

These lovely giraffes are third generation giants from Kenya. The tour guide taught us how to feed them by biting the tree branch that's locally called a “Bakawan” plant. 

Other animals in this safari include zebras, monkeys, snakes, porcupines, wild boars, turtle, baby crocodiles, and civets (locally known as "alamid"). 

The Calauit Safari tour may be booked online or arranged with a travel agency once you're in Coron. We rode a boat along with other local and foreign tourists who availed the package tour. It's located at Calauit Island, Calamian, which can either be reached by land or sea. Either way, it takes around 3 hours to get there coming from Coron town. 

Pass Through the Black Cave

This cave is located at Black Island, Busuanga. From Coron Fish Port, it may take around three hours by boat to reach this place.
Apparently, I first got a bit deceived by the exterior since it looks almost black and dull. However, I was amazed by the beautiful rock formation inside. 
This cave is quite small compared to other caves in Palawan, but in case you are in Black Island and you want to take a break from snorkeling and other beach activities, be sure to check out this cave.
It is obviously dark inside so bringing a flashlight is a must. In our case, we used the flashlight of our mobile phones to pass through the cave. Along the way, our tour guide showed use a few hollows or pits. They said that people were able to dig some treasure from the area (and too bad we were too late to get some too! LOL).

If you aren't on a package tour, certain fees apply:

Have you been to Coron? How do you find the non-aquatic activities in the island? Leave a comment below!

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