When in Japan: Odaiba

Odaiba at the southeastern part of Tokyo offers a different vibe. Despite its modernity for the numerous shopping and entertainment establishments, this man-made island with Tokyo Bay as its waterfront makes it one of the most serene places in Tokyo.

Tourists and locals flock here to witness the awesome view of the Tokyo Bay. It highlights the 798-meter long Rainbow Bridge that connects the artificial island Odaiba and Tokyo.
This bridge amazingly serves as a road for both vehicles and train (Yurikamome line). It is also possible to cross the bridge on foot where people can jog or walk.
Aside from the Rainbow Bridge, there are other attractions in Odaiba. For one, this giant Statue of Liberty somehow replicates the view from New York City.
Riding this 115-meter Ferris wheel offers an awesome bird's eye view of Odaiba.
This Fuji TV Building is also an attraction. I find it very unique with its modern structure. It truly represents Japanese innovation in architecture.
Shopping malls in Odaiba offer diverse attraction and entertainment. Diver City Tokyo Plaza, for example, has been a landmark in Odaiba for the huge Gundam statue that is as tall as the mall. 
I was surprised that this Gundam statue can move and talk!
Inside the shopping mall was pretty much the usual. There are famous retail shops like Uniqlo, Forever 21, H&M, Gap, etc. But what seems unique is a Hello Kitty Store and Café at the 1st floor.
We noticed that there was an outdoor car show near Diver City Tokyo Plaza. And since it was a weekend, the event was swarmed by car enthusiasts!
Other popular shopping malls in Odaiba include Decks Tokyo Beach, Aqua City Odaiba, Leisureland and Venus Fort.
How to get there: Getting around Odaiba is served by the Yurikamome line. To visit Diver City Tokyo Plaza, go down at Daiba station. For Decks Tokyo Beach and Aqua City Odaiba, go down at Odaiba-kaihinkoen station.

For me, the riding experience on Yurikamome line seemed more exciting than other train rides in Tokyo since the train is elevated with rubber wheels. There were more curves along the way. I suggest that you sit near the window for the best view.

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