When in Taiwan: Modern Toilet Restaurant

Food tripping has always been part of traveling Taipei with the ever popular night markets. But there’s one restaurant that’s totally out of the street scene, and is rather on a not-so-typical dining theme. Would you sit on a toilet bowl while eating some poop-looking dessert in a soap dish?

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On my last night in Taipei, I dropped by Modern Toilet Restaurant to check out its much talked about quirkiness. This local restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its toilet themed setup.

To name a few, they made toilet bowls into actual chairs and sinks with glass into dining tables. Each table is designed differently from the other for either group or solo diners. The restaurant is two-storey that can sit up to 80 people.

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The toilet-related displays are as vivid as the walls. The whole thing is not only well themed but also provides such youthful ambiance.

Once seated, the waiter gives a sheet of paper to order. I think it is a good and accurate ordering system to avoid possible language barrier especially that some waiters cannot speak in English and lot of foreigners dine in.
The food at this restaurant is a mix of Asian and American cuisine with price starting at NTD 250 (USD 8) per meal. Mostly are in set meals, which usually have a main dish, soup, rice, drinks, and dessert. It’s a heavy meal for a reasonable price. The taste was okay, but I must say that there were other notable food I’ve tasted in Taiwan.

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Food presentation is so quirky that it goes well with the toilet theme!
I ordered a set meal with the breaded chicken was on a ceramic toilet bowl, soup with a poop cover, hot tea poured in a toilet bowl, and soft served ice cream on a soap dish that, uhm, I almost mistaken for a poop!
The actual toilet of the restaurant also goes at par with the dining area’s odd but cute setup. For one, the toilet bowl has turned into a hand sink!
Also, urinals have become light fixture! How creative!
Similar in Japan, using the toilet can get a little tricky with numerous buttons to press. Be sure to know what to press, or else get ready to get squirted with water!

How to get there:
There are two Modern Toilet Restaurants in Taipei. While there's one in Shilin, I was able to visit the one in Ximending.
From Ximen MRT station, take exit 6 and walk west of Chengdu Road. Once you see Starbucks across, turn right at Kunming street. Walk until you see a huge parking lot (called Ximending-Emei parking lots) and then turn right at Xining street. Walk up to the next block and finally turn left at the small alley where the restaurant is located at.

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