How to: Apply for Tourist Visa to Georgia for Philippine Passport Holders

The country of Georgia is yet to be discovered as a tourist destination by the Filipinos. Aside from being mistaken as the US state, its distance from the Philippines and the absence of direct flights from Manila (though it’s still in Asia!) contribute to the unfamiliarity. Nevertheless, Georgia seems underrated. It may be unknown to many, but it’s an interesting country that’s worth knowing.

Aside from being one of the oldest Christian countries (as early as 4th century) with the finest religious landmarks, Georgia is in fact a good option to catch the snow season that runs from December to May. Also, Georgia is so diverse that both Asian and European cultures (props to its geographical location) can be experienced at the same time.
Philippine passport holders are required to get either electronic visa (e-visa) or visa on arrival (VOA) to visit Georgia. Filipinos can short stay in Georgia for a maximum of 30 days, valid within 120 days upon date of entry. A multiple entry visa is usually given, an aspect that may sound good if one wants to visit and cross its neighboring countries including Armenia in the south, Turkey in the southwest, Russia in the north, and Azerbaijan in the east.

Note: There’s a Georgian visa exemption among Filipinos who are GCC (Gulf countries) residents. These are the residents who live in the following countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Here's a detailed but easy step-by-step guide to get e-visa to Georgia:
1. Go to the Georgia e-visa portal.
2. In the main page, click "Apply now."

3. Fill in the required fields: Citizenship/Country, Type of Travel Document/Passport, Expiration date of Travel Document/Passport, Purpose of visit, and Security verification. The 3 other fields (as seen in the red box below) are optional. Then, click "Next."
4. A popup appears. Just make sure you have the necessary documents ready before proceeding.

5. Enter the arrival date in Georgia. The validity start and end date will then auto-populate. As you can see, your arrival date is also the validity start date so make sure you decide and be exact with your arrival in Georgia. Unlike other e-visas, Georgian e-visa doesn't provide a window date.
6. Tick all the items in the Terms and Conditions.
7. Fill in the required personal information including the first name, surname, passport number, date of birth, email address, and gender.

Tip #1: As noticed, there’s no middle name field. Make sure to include the middle name in the First Name field.

Tip #2: Provide an active email address and double check if you entered it correctly because that’s where the e-visa and the receipts will be sent.
8. In the same page, attach a passport size photo and copy of the bio page of your passport.
Tip: For photo requirements, visit their website’s FAQ page and look at the "Photo requirements" section.

9. Next, pay the e-visa fee of USD 20. It’s non-refundable regardless of whether the visa is approved or not. Payment is via credit card.

10. Wait for 5 working days to get the e-visa via email. Once received, make sure to print this as this will be presented at the Georgian immigration or border.
That's it! Good luck on your visa application! I hope you'll enjoy Georgia as much as I did! Check out my Georgia Backpacking travel guide:

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