When in Russia: Interesting Things that Are Uniquely Russian at Sheremetveyo International Airport

On my way to Armenia, I had a 6-hour transit in Moscow, making it my first time to land in Russia. Given a short stop, I opted out of getting a Russian tourist visa to exit and explore the country. Nevertheless, staying inside the Sheremetveyo International Airport was rather amusing for the sights and things that seem like only in Russia.

Stacked dolls

You’ve probably seen this somewhere: a wooden hand-painted piece that when opened, it brings up another smaller piece and goes on until you end up with an inch-long tiny doll. This is called a Matryoshka doll, more popularly known as the Russian doll.
There’s no way you won’t see this in the airport! It’s probably the most in-demand souvenir from Russia. But among the pack of dolls there, one fella truly captured me. Isn’t it too cute? ;-)

Lost in translation

Russia has its own alphabet, which was adopted from the Cyrillic script and is far different from the Roman letters that I’m familiar with.
When in a Russian airport, a lot of the store names are in Russian so prepare to get lost in translation. Thankfully though, once you enter a restaurant to check the menu, there’s an English translation next to the list.

Global chains in Russian

I had a second look at this fast food chain for hardly recognizing it. As mentioned, store names in the airport are written in Russian, thus global fast food isn’t an exemption.
So, if you’re wondering what chain this is, it’s a Burger King.

Emergency food

Did you know that first ever man to reach the outer space is a Russian? (By the name Yuri Gagarin) Alongside the United States, Russia is globally known to be advanced in aeronautics.
With this, I won’t be surprised if they can confidently sell space food like this. But what surprised me is that they even sell it in a vending machine…in the airport.

It makes me wonder, is there a secret flight in the Russian airport to the outer space?

World Cup items

Russia is set to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup in July, which is expected to the biggest, grandest, and much-awaited football event in the world. That’s why as early as March, the football fever was on even in the airport with a ton of World Cup merchandise.
This is Zabivaka, the official mascot of FIFA World Cup 2018 in form of a wolf. Much that I love to bring him home though, its crazy expensive price wasn’t part of the budget.

Drinking culture

What’s a Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and other alcoholic cocktails without it? Have you guessed the common ingredient among them? Vodka.
Where else to best get it than from where it all started. Russia has pioneered in manufacturing vodka. More so, it’s said to be one of the countries with the largest consumption. At the airport, you’d probably see a lot of waiting Russian passengers at the bar, drinking their favorite vodka. 

Have you been to Sheremetveyo International Airport? How was your experience?

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