How to Get NBI Clearance for Auxiliares de Conversación

The pandemic has changed us in many ways, such that we have to adapt to the so-called “new normal.” Getting documents from different government agencies has also changed a bit, so in this blog entry, I’d like to share the steps on how I renewed my NBI Clearance during the pandemic or the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) in Metro Manila. I had to get this as it's one of the requirements for the auxiliares de conversación or language assistants program

What's an NBI Clearance?

An NBI Clearance is a document that serves as personal identification and proof that a person doesn’t have any criminal records. It’s issued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), an agency of the Philippine government in charge of criminal cases.

The NBI Clearance is often compared to a Police Clearance, which makes sense because the content of these documents is the same. However, note that a Police Clearance only clears one’s identity from criminal cases in the locality where the person lives at, while an NBI clearance is of national scope.

What is it for?

It has a multipurpose. For one, it's a common requirement if you want to get employed in the Philippines. Likewise, it's used for foreign employment and studies abroad. It's also a document required when getting a driver’s license, business permit, and others.

For language assistants like me, the NBI Clearance with the DFA Apostille is one of the documents I need to bring to Spain. It's a proof of my clear criminal record in the Philippines. Since I'm under Spain's Ministry of Education program, I didn't have to let it translated to Spanish by a traductor jurado

How to renew the NBI Clearance?

Due to the pandemic, most of the work has to be done online to lessen physical contact. NBI used to have a delivery service to bring the renewed clearance at your doorstep, however, note that it's temporarily unavailable. With this, even if you’re only for renewal, you still have to go the nearest NBI branch to claim the document.
1. First, go to NBI Clearance’ website: If your previous NBI clearance was issued after 2014, then click YES. Click NO if not. If you're a first-time applicant (i.e. fresh graduate, foreigner in the Philippines planning to work), you stop from here and follow the first-time job seeker steps instead.
2. Register as new account. Choose your gender, civil status, and birth date. Fill in your first name, middle name, last name, mobile number, an ACTIVE email address (because all transactions will be sent to your email later), and preferred password (that you have to enter twice). Tick the “READ AND ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICES” and the “CAPTCHA,” and then click SIGN UP.
3. At the top right of the screen, log in using the email address and password you entered earlier. It will initially bring you to an "APPLICANT INFORMATION" page. 
4. A new page opens where you have to fill in a few personal information. ALL fields are required. After completing them, click SAVE INFORMATION to proceed.
5. Next, at the top right, click APPLY FOR CLEARANCE.
6. A confirmation box will pop up. Select your type of ID (an ID you can bring when you claim the NBI Clearance), enter its ID number, and then click I Agree.

7. Next, select the NBI Branch, appointment schedule, and mode of payment.
a. Select the NBI branch that’s most convenient for you. It doesn’t have to be the branch of your birth place or work place. This is the branch where you have to physically claim the document.

b. After selecting the branch, select the most convenient date and time (AM or PM) for you. It shows you how many slots are available per shift. A date shaded in blue means it's available, while red says it's full/a holiday (closed). 

c. Select your mode of payment: Bank over the counter, Online Bank, Bayad Center Outlets, Bayad Center Mobile App, ECPay, and 7-Eleven. After selecting one, this pop-up window will appear:

The NBI Clearance costs 130 PHP + an online fee of 25 PHP, so it's 155 PHP in total. Actually, it should’ve been cheaper to pay at the NBI branch (minus the online fee), but note that NBI doesn't currently accept cash due to the pandemic. 

8. Pay the NBI Clearance. The steps for payment depend on the mode of payment you select. In my case, I selected Online bank and BDO Internet Banking. I wrote a separate blog about it, which you can read here.
9. Once paid, keep a copy of the reference number. Note that without it, you won't be able to claim the NBI Clearance. The reference number is usually sent to your email. Also, you can view it at NBI Clearance’ website under Transactions
Note: No need to print the reference number. You may simply take a screenshot of it then present it at the NBI branch.
10. Get the NBI Clearance. On the appointment day, go to your selected NBI branch. The things you need to bring are: first, the reference number and second, two valid government-issued IDs (note: it has to be two, not one). You may also consider bringing the ID you entered online.

Again, remember that NO APPOINTMENT, NO ENTRY.

I went to Robinson’s Galleria branch located at the lower ground level of the mall. Actually, I arrived 20 minutes earlier than the appointment time at 12PM, but they accommodated me right away since there was no queue.

a. At the first window, show the reference number. After confirming, the personnel takes the photo, biometrics, and digital signature. For sake of sanitation, there's an alcohol provided. Use it if you want to. 

b. Next, go to the window at the right for printing. Show again the reference number. With my experience, the personnel printed it but I pulled the blue paper myself from the printer to keep the zero contact.

c. Before leaving, check if all data are correct. You should get 2 copies: the original and the personal copy. 

That’s it! Claiming the NBI Clearance was so quick it only took me 10 minutes! If you really need to get one now, do so while it’s still relaxed! Pre-pandemic days, the NBI branch at Robinson’s Galleria used to be disorganized with long lines. 

Additional notes:
- The validity of the NBI Clearance is good for one year. The validity date is at the top part of the paper.
- If the purpose of getting an NBI Clearance is to have a DFA Apostille on it, make sure you get the original copy (not the personal copy). 

What's your experience with requesting government-issued documents during the pandemic?

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