Tips for Aux: How to process the prórroga de estancia via digital certificate (Cl@ve)

For language assistants who have spent at least an academic year in Spain and who wish to renew for the next academic year, there’s a need to (1) request for an extension of stay (prórroga de estancia) and (2) renew the tarjeta de identidad de extranjero (TIE) by submitting the requirements and doing a fingerprint (toma de huellas) at the police station (comisaría). In this article, I’d like to focus on step 1, which are the steps on how to process the prórroga de estancia online using a digital certificate. 

Things you need

  • Digital certificate
  • Installed Autofim@ app (go to:, choose the operating system of your laptop/computer, and install it).
  • Scanned version of the requirements for your prórroga de estancia: 
    • EX'00 form (Solicitud de autorización de estancias y prórrogas)
    • Tasa modelo 790 código 052 (tax paid at the bank/ATM machine)
    • TIE (front and back)
    • Passport (bio page, student visa page, stamp of the date of entry in Spain)
    • Old carta de nombramiento (assignment letter)
    • New carta de nombramiento (assignment letter)
    • Certificado de aprovechamiento (issued by the school where you worked as a language assistant, certifying you finished the academic year)


  1. Go to the Extranjería’s website:
  2. This page gives the list of procedures by the Extranjería. Choose MERCURIO – Solicitudes de autorizaciones de Extranjería y Aportación de documentación: Presentación Telemática y aportación de documentación a expedientes de extranjería.
  3. Next, it shows you the technical requirements. Scroll down and click Acceder a Solicitudes Telemáticas de Autorizaciones de Extranjería
  4. The next page gives you more information about initial and renewal of the extension of stay. Click CONTINUAR
  5. Since you're an individual processing it (not a law firm/lawyer), click CONTINUAR INDIVIDUAL
  6. Now, your digital certificate pops up. Note that without it, you won't be able to process the extension of stay online. Click OK to proceed.
  7. To create a new request, whether it’s initial or renewal of the extension of stay, click CONTINUAR PRESENTACIÓN.
  8. A pop-up window appears. Tick Presentar renovación/Obtener resguardo renovación and then click CONTINUAR
  9. Fill in the required fields: NIE, Nacionalidad, Fecha de caducidad, and Año de nacimiento. No need to fill in the N° de Expediente. Then, click ACEPTAR

  10. Next, it must auto populate your information at the top of the page, including the Estancia por estudios…(art 40) and the Provincia de presentación (ex: MADRID). If they´re correct, then click CONFORME.
    The screenshot isn't the latest version. 
  11. Select the correct form. Tick EX00 - Solicitud de autorización de estancia y prórrogras.
  12. The next page is the digital version of the Modelo EX-00 (page 1). Fill in the fields correctly.

    • DATOS PERSONALES (PERSONAL DATA). Note: For Filipinos, we don’t have a 2º apellido, so leave it blank. Do not confuse it with the middle name. The 1º apellido is your father’s last name. 
    • DOMICILIO EN ESPAÑA (ADDRESS IN SPAIN). Write your complete address, mobile phone number, and email. Note: If you have a different address from what’s written on your TIE, it’s fine. Write your current address in Spain. Note that it’s asked to primarily know where they’ll mail the result. 
    • REPRESENTANTE LEGAL, EN SU CASO (LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE, IF APPLICABLE): No need to fill in anything in this part. Leave the fields blank.
    • For Motivos que justifican la solicitud y tiempo de prorroga solicitada, you may simply type AUXILIARES DE CONVERSACIÓN.
    • At the bottom, tick the Consiento la comprobación… By ticking this, you allow them to check your data and address. Once done, click SIGUIENTE.
  13. Fill in page 2 of the Modelo EX-00.
    • DOMICILIO EN ESPAÑA (ADDRESS IN SPAIN). Write the same address, mobile phone, and email you wrote in the previous page.
    • Tick Solicito/Consiento que las comunicaciones y notificaciones se realicen por medio electrónicos. By ticking this, you simply allow them to contact you electronically. Once done, click SIGUIENTE.
  14. A popup window appears. Click Aceptar to proceed. 
  15. The next part is for uploading the scanned requirements. To do so, click PRESENTACIÓN ELECTRÓNICA.
  16. To upload a file, click EXAMINAR (BROWSE). Choose the file you want to upload. Then, click ADJUNTAR DOCUMENTO (ATTACH DOCUMENT). *Tip: I advise to merge ALL scanned documents in ONE PDF file. It will save you time uploading documents and make it easier for Extranjería to view all your documents. If you do so, under the Descripción (Description) dropdown, select OTROS (OTHERS) and type DOCUMENTACION COMPLETA (ALL DOCUMENTS). Once finished, click CONTINUAR.
  17. The next page is the summary of the form you’ve filled up. It asks you to register and digitally sign it. To do so, click REGISTRAR Y FIRMAR. A popup appears showing your digital certificate to proceed with digital signing. With this, make sure your Autofirm@ app has the latest version. 
  18. The last page gives you the confirmation that your request has been accepted and registered correctly (hurray!). For your reference you may click DESCARGAR RESGUARDO (which you may use to request for an autorización de regreso to go to the Philippines or your country of origin and be able to return to Spain without a valid visa) and DESCARGAR PRESENTACIÓN (which is a digitally signed copy of the Modelo EX-00 you filled up). 

To check the status of your application of extension of stay, you may use this link: Usually, it takes three months to get a Resuelto - Favorable if you send your documents via any OAC (Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano) or Correos. However, in the year 2022 when I first did the prórroga de estancia via digital certificate, it took me five longgg months to get a result. When I submitted my papers on the 1st of July, I got the result on the 12th of December. 

Once you get a Resuelto - Favorable, then you may proceed with the TIE renewal as this result is one of requirements for the toma de huellas at the comisaría (police station). Some people say you need to wait for the letter to be mailed before TIE renewal, however, with my experiences, I don't wait for the mailed version anymore and the police simply process my papers. I usually print the page showing Resuelto - Favorable from the Extranjería’s website and present it at the police station without any problem. 

Tips for Aux: How to process the prórroga de estancia via digital certificate (Cl@ve) Tips for Aux: How to process the prórroga de estancia via digital certificate (Cl@ve) Reviewed by Shelly Viajera Travel on 2.7.22 Rating: 5


  1. Once I get to step 9 I get the error message that they can't locate my renewal.. ive had trouble all year with this and cant seem to figure it out.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this post, it has helped me a lot. I have a question, this is my first year renewing. I have a digital certificate, should I choose the presentar nueva solicitud and then choose prorroga, or presentar renovacion?

    1. Hi! I believe you have to select nueva solicitud though I never did that since I did my first renewal through registro, not via digital certificate.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! You have helped me a lot. Do you have an idea how long it usually takes to get the NIE renewal approved? I would like to book an appointment TIE appointment in advance

    1. Hi! It takes time nowadays. To give you an idea, last year I submitted my prórroga de estancia via digital certificate in July. I got the resuelto-favorable in December already.

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