Japan Visa Requirements Profile 2

1. Original passport valid for at least six months

2. Accomplished application form
- Download it here
- Print in A4 size
- All information were computerized except for the signature that was handwritten.

3. Two pieces ID picture
- Actual size: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm (in centimeters), 2 x 2 (in inches), 45 mm x 45 mm (in millimeters)
- White background
- Paste one ID picture on the designated box in the application form

4. Original birth certificate from NSO
- Make sure it is valid within the year
- The travel agency noticed that one number from profile 2's birth date was not clear. With this, she was requested to give a copy of her birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar. This may be requested from the City Hall on the same day.

5. Original marriage contract
- Make sure it is valid within the year

6. Bank Certificate
-A bank certificate is a proof that you have an account in a bank. It is usually a single page containing the current balance in the account.

- Make sure the following are included: account type, current balance, account opening date, and annual daily budget (ADB)
- Make sure that the amount in the bank account can sustain the daily expenses in Japan PER PERSON. Set at least 5,000 PHP budget per day in Japan. We showed at least 50,000 PHP in the bank account per person.
- If you have other bank accounts aside from your payroll account, prefer to do so. The key is to present an account that you seldom withdraw from. This strengthens your financial stability, proving that you have other source of funds aside from your payroll account.
- Bank certificates may be requested from any bank. As far as I know, BDO and BPI both charge 100 PHP processing fee and claimed on the next day.

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