When in Manila: Brasilipinas 2013

If asked what first comes into your mind when you see or hear the word “Brazil”, what would you say? For me, I’d say SAMBA. I may not be a dance expert but all I know is that samba came from Brazil and it’s their national dance.

Last Friday, I got invited by my Brazilian workmates to Brasilipinas held at Rockwell Tent. Now on its sixth year, it’s a celebration of Brazilian culture. At first, I thought it was just an ordinary tugsh-tugsh party but then I realized that it’s the Brazilian Carnival in the Philippines. Carnival is one of the most important holidays in Brazil. As explained by my workmates, it’s a huge parade held at the streets (Rio de Janeiro is the most popular) where women wear costumes and men beat the drums as they dance samba.
We paid an entrance fee of P150 which covered unlimited cocktail drink at the Havaianas booth! Yes, you read it right, UNLIMITED. I may sound like a drunkard but come on, who wouldn’t want that anyway? =p As we entered, I saw how jam-packed the tent was. All of them were standing, talking, dancing, and drinking as a band played at the stage. What I love about Brazilians is that they are very happy people. They hugged and laughed that as if the event was a big reunion for them. I know that nothing beats home and for sure, that night, they felt like being back to their homeland.

With my three Filipina workmates, we went to the Havaianas booth and got our first cup of caipirinha, the national of Brazil which is a mix of cachaça, lime, sugar, and everything nice! LOL. When I say nice, I mean it because the taste was really good. It has this sweet lime taste but kicks into your throat after. While drinking, we slowly danced to the tune of samba. Gladly, our amigos taught and showed us how to do it.

After all the bands finish performing, the female dancers entered the tent as the parade drums started beating. This was another highlight of the event. It was such a delight to see a mini parade! Somehow I felt like being in Brazil! I suddenly remember the animated movie “Rio” which I watched last month. That movie was about the Carnival parade! Pretty women dressed in glittery costume with that very familiar feathery headdress danced samba and led the crowd to shake their booty with them.  One dancer truly and heartily amazed me. Why? Because she’s a pregnant woman who still dances like she doesn't have a bump! I saw how passionate she is to samba. Being pregnant didn't become a hindrance at all. The baby in her tummy must be very proud of his/her super mommy.

Que noite! It was truly a night to remember. I think I got home at 3am. My feet were thumping because we stood for like six hours. I hope to come back next year to Brasilipinas. It was such a unique experience for me to party the Brazilian way! 

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