When in Antique: What to do in Tibiao

Tibiao, Antique has become a destination for the adventure seekers, not to mention that it is eco-friendly and affordable. Antique is part of Panay Island in Visayas region. Coming from Kalibo Aklan, it only takes two to three hours bus ride to get here.

Activities are countless in Tibiao. But here are my top five must-dos in this vibrant town:

1.  Cross the Hanging Bridge by Habal-habal
Rent a habal-habal (motorcycle) that costs less than P100 to bring you to Brgy. Tigbaboy where the Tigbaboy Hanging Bridge is located at. This bridge is around 65 meters long. It is definitely an exhilarating experience to pass the hanging bridge with a stunning view of Butong River.

2. Mini Rock Climb at Butong River
Once you are at Butong River, you will also see big rocks that will definitely invite you to climb on them. Some of the rocks may be a little slippery because of the rushing water, but it’s a challenging experience.  

3. Take a Dip at Bugtong-bato Falls
From Brgy. Tigbababoy, do a kilometer trek going to Bugtong-bato Falls. This falls has cool and refreshing water. Aside from swimming, you may also opt to do some rappelling. It is a good place to stay throughout the day. You may bring food and have picnic here.

4. Try the Kawa Hot Bath
“Kawa,” is a Filipino word for a huge pot. It is usually used for cooking muscovado sugar, one of the main products of Panay Island. An hour of hot bath costs P200 per person. The heat is manageable so it does not burn the skin. Aside from pouring water into the kawa, they also put tanglad leaves and petals that are said to be therapeutic.

5. Go for the Zipline
This 500-meter zipline with a view of abundant lush of greens is undeniably a fun experience. 

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