When in Myanmar: Of Sunrise, Pagodas, and Hot Air Balloons

Catching the sunrise with some colorful hot air balloons rising above the thousands pagodas is something I don’t wake up to each day. Every morning in Bagan was magical, surreal. It was a humbling experience to witness how beautiful the world is from a different perspective.

The view brought a mix of melancholy and happiness. It was the best moment to reflect on things.

Actually, my initial plan was to only stay for 2 days in Bagan then take an overnight bus to Mandalay, but I decided to stay longer. I realized now that I made the right choice. All mornings in Bagan were, by far, the best mornings I could ever remember.

If you plan to travel around Bagan, take your time. Slow down and pause to appreciate the beauty of this place. It will be worth it.

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