Killer Features Of The Best Solo Travel Destinations

Traveling alone is scary, which is why it’s essential to choose an appropriate destination. Go too far afield and you might end up having to deal with a transition period that seemingly never ends. No, it’s a lot better if you make your life easier from the start so that you can enjoy every moment as soon as you land.

Picking between different countries is tough because they all look incredible. However, only a few have the features that make solo traveling a memory you’ll never forget. Keep reading to find out more.

English Speaking

Now, this might sound narrow-minded because English-speakers don’t have the best reputation among linguists. But, the truth is that trying to navigate huge cities and order food can be challenging if you don’t speak the lingo. Yes, you should learn as many words and phrases as possible, but you won’t be able to master a language in a few months. Being able to rely on English should allow you to do everyday traveling activities, such as booking buses, hostels, and ordering drinks at the bar! English doesn’t have to be the first language, but it should be prevalent among the locals.

Lots Of Diversity

Once you get the bug, you never want to stop traveling, whether you’re alone or with a group. In that case, the area should be full of diverse activities so that you can stretch out your travel dollar for as long as possible. Australia is fantastic for this because it switches between conventional East Coast sights and Perth holiday ideas on the West Coast. And, in the middle is the Outback and Alice Rock. Of course, there are plenty of places that offer diversity, so it’s vital to consult your bucket list. If the must-do stuff is in Asia, then that’s the place to go.

Non-Driver Friendly

At home, nothing is as easy as jumping in a car and driving to the store. Abroad, the odds are getting behind the wheel are lower as you won’t have a licence. Even if you do, the cost of hiring a car is quite high and out of the budget of most travelers. With that in mind, public transport needs to be everywhere to ensure you can seamlessly hop on a bus or a train to your next destination. Don’t disregard flying, either. In the US, it’s cheaper than using Greyhound buses if you book ahead.

Has Previous Traveler Tales

When travelers go to a country, they tell their friends or anybody who will listen. For a solo traveler, this is essential as it means you can pick their brains. Women, especially, need to know about safety and whether to pack conservative clothing. While destinations off the beaten track are cool, they have less traveler history, which means you will be heading into the unknown. Plus, some places are more popular than others. The Gringo Trail in Latin America might be a hotspot for white people and westerners, yet there are fewer than Europe or the USA.

What do you think is vital before you visit a country alone?

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